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First, you need to know what website builder or website platform is.

Website Builders or the Website Platforms are the tools that allow the assembly of websites without the manual editing of the codes.


Here are the Top 10 Website Platforms/Builders:

1.) WordPress                                                                       6.)

2.)                                                                          7.) Jimdo

3.) Weebly                                                                             8.) Site123

4.) GoDaddy                                                                          9.) Fiverr

5.)                                                                        10.) BigCommerce


wordpress logo website platform


WordPress is a publishing platform that you can use to create a website or a blog site. There are two kinds of WordPress. VS logo website platform is a website builder that have over 110 million users in 190 countries. You can choose from over 500 professional templates that include a free domain and 16gb Bandwidth.



weebly logo website platform


Weebly is a website builder that have 30 million users. Weebly offers Blog SEO articles to raise site’s ranks and traffic.



godaddy logo website platform


GoDaddy is a website builder and at the same time website hosting. logo website platform is a website builder great for those who seek a simple website.

site builder logo website platform


This website builder is ideal for those who are wanting a simple website builder. You can choose from over 1,000 templates.



jimdo logo website platform


Jimdo is a website builder that have over 20 million users. All of their websites are fully mobile optimized. They use automated robots to help personalize your site.



site123 logo website platform


A website builder that have responsive designs that look great on any device. It is easy to manage.



fiverr logo website platform


Fiverr have built over 1 million brands in 2016. They have Pro designs for web and mobile.


BigCommercebigcommerce logo website platform


BigCommerce is a website builder that has an easy to use a feature that lets you create a great store website.


I am using WordPress as my website builder or website platform check VS to find out which kind of WordPress I am using.

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