Top 6 Bachelorette Party Themes

From sleepovers to partying all night, have a look over this Bachelorette Party Themes!


Bachelorette Party is a pre-wedding event that will leave a mark in your memory lane. That’s why you have to make it fun, chic and sometimes wild! 😉 Having a theme for your Bachelorette Party can add life to the party. Usually, it is the Maid of Honor’s duty to do the planning of your Bachelorette Party. Just to be prepared in case she asks you for your opinion about it. Here’s the Top 6 Bachelorette Party Themes that you need to keep in mind!

If you need help in planning a Bachelorette Party, click this link How To Throw a Succeful Bachelorette Party



gold stars confetti glitz and glamour themes

This one is my favorite, the Glitz and Glamour Theme. Who doesn’t love sparkly things? With good food, great friends, and elegant ambiance it is going to be an epic party. You can DIY everything! From garlands to centerpieces. Make sure to have a lot of GOLD shade decors in it. Don’t forget the DIY Photobooth.


2.) The Great Gatsby

silhouette with fireworks The great gatsby themes

This is one of the most popular party themes of all time. It is a lavish theme but very stunning. I recommend you to watch the movie “The Great Gatsby” Starring the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio if you don’t have an idea what Great Gatsby is.



Baby's Breath, Cup of coffee and pearls for PJs & pearls themes

Sleepover! Uniformed PJs and a lot of Pearls is the key for this theme, the name says it all. Most color is white with a touch of black and beige. You can put face masks, nail polish to each other or have a makeover. You can make it a relaxing Bachelorette Party.


4.) It’s Fiesta Time!

colorful banderitas (banners) Fiesta Themes

A colorful party it is! Have some colorful garlands, sombreros, banners and you are all set. You don’t have to go to Mexico, you can have it in your backyard. DIY some cactus decors, have face paintings. Just make is as colorful as possible.


5.) Lingerie party

woman in lingerie for lingerie themes

Lingerie Party doesn’t mean you have to wear one, but if you want to go ahead! Put up some DIY lingerie decors on the wall or you can make it a garland or banners. Mix some laces and you are all set!\


6.) Floral Party

woman smiling with flower crown for floral themes

The last but not the least, a floral themed Bachelorette Party. Bring out those cute floral dresses and flower crowns. You can make the flower crown on the spot at the party as one of your activities. This theme is good when the venue is by the beach or has a swimming pool on it.


There you go, my top 6 Bachelorette Party Themes. I hope, I can help you with your planning.


Have a wonderful Bachelorette Party!


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