How To Throw a Successful Bachelorette Party on A Budget

How to Throw a Successful Bachelorette Party!!!


To start, what is the difference between Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower?


Bachelorette Party is for you to have fun with your girls and forget all about the wedding plannings. As they say, it is the bride’s last night to party as a single woman. While Bridal Shower is an alternative way if partying is not your thing. It is like an engagement party less the Boys! It is a pre-wedding celebration, gift giving to help here set up their new home.


In short, Bachelorette Party is Wild! While Bridal Shower is a more modest party 🙂


Now, this next thing is the most asked question when it comes to throwing a Bachelorette Party. Who really pays for all the expenses?


Well traditionally, the only person who doesn’t have to pay a single cent for the party is the BRIDE. But that only works with an in-town party. The Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, and other guests will often chip in to cover the brides share and as well as their own shares. When it comes to an out of town party or a getaway, the bride could chip in for the party. As it is much expensive than the in-town party.

Those are the first things you need to know when you are going to throw Bachelorette Party. The rest is easy peasy lemon squeezy!




Bachelorette Party: Budget, Coins


For me, this is the most important part of planning anything. Set your Budget. Communicate with the other guests, ask then how much are they willing to pay or to contribute to the party. You can ask for the money ahead of time or if you’re close as the bride you can ask for the money after the party or the day after. For me when it comes to money be strict especially when it is you who have to pay for those uncollected contributions. Trust me on that! It is based on my experience.

Now the budget is set next is the DATE and TIME!!!




In setting the date and time you need to coordinate with your guests. When is the most convenient date for them most especially to the Bride. Decide if it is lunch time to afternoon or afternoon to dinner time or the all-nighters.


Another Question, Does it have to be a surprise for the Bride or not?


Actually, it depends on the situation. There are meticulous Brides and there are those just go with the flow Bride. If you think the Bride is the meticulous one, it doesn’t have to be a surprise. She surely wants to be involve with the planning and the preparation. If she is the go with the flow Bride you can have it as a surprise, just give the important details like the Date & Time, things that she needs to bring, especially her attire.




Since we are on a budget, we could save a lot if you held it on one of your guest’s backyard or house. If there is no volunteer just find the cheapest but great place you could rent. Like a hotel room, KTV room, or a small function room something like that.



Bachelorette Party: Masquerade


You’re done with the venue, now the decors! You just have to choose the theme, the colors or motif. I’ll give some examples of themes on a separate blog. You could DIY the decors to save a lot of money. I have observed that ready-made decors are much expensive than when you buy raw materials and just make it yourself. But if you don’t have time just make it simple and buy fewer decors.

( Great Themes for Bachelorette Party )



Bachelorette Party: Food


If you decided to hold it at lunchtime to afternoon, you should prepare a lunch meal and snacks for the afternoon. And if you decided to hold it in the afternoon to dinner time, you should prepare snacks for the afternoon and dinner meal. For the all-nighters, well you should have a lot of snacks prepared. And don’t forget the cocktails!




Bachelorette Party: Music
Bachelorette Party: Games, Drop your panties
Bachelorette Party: Drink if Game
Bachelorette Party: Wedding gown made of tissue

Lastly, the games and the playlist to complete the party! Prepare at least 2-3 games 4 at max, but if you have a lot of time make it 5. Games can boost the energy of the party especially if its all-nighters. For the music, make a playlist to pump up the mood of everybody. You could ask your guests for songs they want to include in the playlist. I’ll have examples on a separate blog.


Now you’re all set! You can now have a Bachelorette Party for your sister, best friend or for yourself.


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