My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party


This is my Best Friend’s bachelorette party. Angeline (the best friend) already knew that we are planning a bachelorette party for her, but what she doesn’t know was when it was going to be. Her colleagues, cousin and I planned this simple surprise party for Angeline. We held it at Saekyung Village, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, on the 6th of October 2017. The original plan was to party all night and then we’ll do island hopping the next morning since we’re in Lapu-Lapu already. But the party ended at 5 in the morning the next day and there’s hangover, so everybody just had to go and do their own things.



Here is the the Bride-to-be’s outfit which we stole from her closet and the sash and crown with veil that I DIY-ed.


Let’s Eat!!!



This is our little feast, which was prepared and cooked by Angeline’s colleagues.


Game Time!!!!


Bachelorette Party: Drink if Game
drop your panties
Bachelorette Party: Wedding gown made of tissue
Bachelorette Party: Games, Drop your panties


We had a few games like the “Drink If Game” which was so crazy. It’s my first time to drink Mojito and Whisky and it got me drunk so fast. After 1-2 shots of Mojito I felt hot and I got red all over my face up to my neck plus the palpitations. Gurrrrl!!! I thought I was gonna pass out that time. And then we designed a wedding gown with the use of tissue paper, we split the group into two 3 members each group of course the judge is Angeline. Lastly, the “Drop Your Panties Game”. I thought Angeline would guess it all correct but she missed one panty so she had to take a shot.


Baby Shark tutururut!!!!!


baby shark5
baby shark1
baby shark3
baby shark4


We danced “Baby Shark” even though I don’t dance. Pics are low quality cause I just took a print screen out of the video. ( I’ll try to upload the video)

And of course not all that had happened was said. There are just secrets that will always stay as secret!




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