How I Made My Blog Site and Started Blogging

This is how my blogging journey started

This is how my blogging journey started

This is how I made my blog site and started blogging.

Don’t have a background in Website?
Don’t know how to encode?
Don’t know what to do or where to start?


I’ve been there and done that! Now, I’m going to share with you what I did and how I did with my blog site. Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything you can ask me personally. Send me an email: or you can just fill out the ContactUs form.

I started by researching about blogging and then about how to make a website. Feel free to explore and do some more research to broaden your knowledge before you start purchasing anything.

The next thing I did was I prepared my blog site name and my domain name. Make sure you are 101% sure with your domain because if you purchased it already and you changed your mind about it there is no turning back or you can buy another domain. A domain is your blog site’s identity. Since I don’t have a focused niche because I have a general blog it contains travel blogs, food blogs, beauty blogs, how-to blogs, blogging for beginner blogs, and some random blogs. Some said it is important to have a niche but for me I want my blog site to have them all.

Purple Glittz Logo blog

I also did my logo before doing serious stuff, I did my logo on Canva. I also have my research about website hostings. Write everything down and compare them to get the best things that you need.  You can check out my other blogs to include in your research, just click the links down below.

Introduction to Website, Website Hosting

Okay! We’re getting to the Website part!

The next thing I did after all those research was finally to decide which Website Hosting I’m going to use. If you wish to use what Website Hosting that I’m using you can click the banner below to avail 60% discount.

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Or if you already have a website hosting in your mind go and purchase their service.

Now, you have your website hosting. The next thing I did was I choose my website platform, I chose WordPress. If you don’t have an idea of what Website Platform is, I will have the link to my blog about it below just click it.

Website Platform, VS

When I purchased my website hosting Siteground they made everything easy regarding the website part of blogging. Siteground is a user-friendly website hosting. When I finished up my website, the next thing that I did was to set up all social media accounts for my blog. Social Media like Facebook Page, Instagram account, Pinterest account, Twitter account, Youtube account, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

The next thing that I did after setting up all of the social media I joined Facebook groups for bloggers and promoted my blog site, Facebook page, and other social media accounts. At the time that I was promoting my blog site, I already have 3 blogs on my site. I prefer to make a lot of blogs so that your audience can explore your website and see a lot of blogs and they will never get bored while they are on your site.

And that’s how I started my blogging journey.



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