Facial Treatments: Facial Masks

Facial mask

All about Face Masks!!!

This miracle skin care products can help you get rid of those imperfections, they are called face masks! But you should only use the ones that suit your skin type for the best results.

Here are the different kinds of face masks:

Gel Masks

These have soothing and cooling effects and are good for sensitive skins. Just leave it for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off with towel or tissue paper.

Clay and Mud Masks

clay/mud mask

This kind of face mask is perfect for oily skins, as the masks absorb excess grease and specks of dirt. It helps reduce shine, shrink those open pores, and clear blemishes. Leave the mask for 5-15 minutes or until it dries, then wash it with warm water.

Peel-off Masks

peel-off mask

Peel-off masks are like the universal mask, it can be used for all skin types. Just simply apply is all over your face except on your eyebrow, eyelids and the bags area. Leave it until it gets dry then just peel it off your face, no-rinse needed. After that, your face will feel fresh.

Moisturizing Masks

moisturizing mask

Moisturizing masks are ideal for dry skins, it helps boost the moisture in your skin. It can help flakiness, dry patches, and fine lines disappear. Just leave it for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it out with towel or tissue paper. The residue left on your face will continue its magic until you wash your face the next day.

Exfoliating Masks

Light exfoliating can keep your skin in great condition. Normal skin needs to exfoliate once in a while to remove the dead skin cells that can cause dullness that leads to blackheads. Exfoliating masks are like clay masks, just leave them in your face until it gets dry. Then wash your face after it dried.

Face Masks Tips

Seasons can change your skin. If you are oily in the summer, you can have dry skin in the winter. Here are some face masks tips that can help you a lot.

  • Make sure your face is clean before using face masks. Just wash your face with soap and water, no need for toners.
  • When rinsing the facial masks, use warm water to take it out easily, then always apply moisturizer.
  • Read the face masks instructions carefully. But most masks are good to be left on your skin for at least 3-15 minutes.
  • If you have combination skin, you should use two masks. Mask for oily skin and mask for dry skin, but just apply each one to the area that needs it.
Natural Face Masks Recipes
Avocado Mask

This mask is ideal for dry skin. Avocados have 14 minerals including vitamins E and A as well as an antioxidant.


  • Avocado
  • 1 teaspoon Almond Oil


Mash the avocado. Mix the avocado and the almond oil until the mixture is smooth. You can now use it, you can keep it for as long as possible since its a natural face mask, you can do that to nourish and soften your skin.

Oatmeal Mask

This mask is ideal for oily skin. Just make an appropriate amount of the mask and apply it as soon as its mixed.


  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 4 tablespoon Oatmeal
  • 1 tablespoon Honey


Mix the egg yolk and honey together in a separate container. Then slowly mix it with the oatmeal until it is soft paste consistency. Apply it on your face up to the neck and leave it for 15 minutes tops. Lastly, wash it off with warm water.

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