WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com


Are you planning to have a Blog site or any other kind of website?

But first, you need to know what kind of website platform or website builder to use. I am using WordPress as my website builder, to find out what kind of WordPress I am using just keep on reading.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a publishing platform that you can use to create a website or a blog site. The two kinds of WordPress: The WordPress.org and The WordPress.com. Trust me they are an entirely different platform.

Two kinds of WordPress
1.) WordPress.org (This is what I’m using)

WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform or website builder. Self-hosted platforms allow superior accessibility for styling functions and customization functions, or in other words, your website is totally under your control. You own your blogs, you own everything on your website. WordPress.org is free to download and install to your computer.

Pros of Using WordPress.org

  • You can run your own ads
  • It is Independent or it stands on its own.
  • Unlimited Themes
  • You can customize everything
  • Thousands of fully functional plugins.
  • Support available

Cons of Using WordPress.org

  • You have to manage your own server
  • Plugin conflicts
  • You have to install and upgrade platforms

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2.) WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a blog or a website hosting service provider owned by the company called Automattic. WordPress.com is using WordPress as its core. There is a free version of WordPress.com, and there are the paid ones depending on what kind of plan you would like to use.

Pros of Using WordPress.com

  • Free to setup
  • Support available
  • Spam and Security protection included
  • Always Up to Date
  • Managed Server

Cons of Using WordPress.com

  • WordPress displays ads for you
  • Limited Themes and Plugins
  • You cannot make money

There it is your introduction to WordPress platforms. Now you know what kind of platform fits your need. And Yes I am using the WordPress.org. At first, I had my blog on WordPress.com but I learned that I cannot monetize my blogs, and I do not own all the contents that I have made and I will make. So, I decided to transfer to WordPress.org you just have to find the best Website Hosting that fits your need and especially fits your budget.

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