My Birthday Getaway!

Birthday Getaway! : My mom, best friend and I, stuck at airport due to the 6 hour flight delay.

My Birthday getaway! This was supposed to be a relaxing trip. I planned out itinerary very well, I polished everything from our flights, accommodation up to our transportation. Until our flight got delayed for not 1 hour, not 2 hours but 6 hours. So shout out to AIRASIA for that you did a great job in ruining everything!!! Because of the delay we decided to cancel everything, the accommodation and the transportation that we rented. That means GOODBYE MONEY!!


We just changed the plan and just stay within Manila. So let the hotel hunting begins! First, we checked H2O Hotel sadly the price is too high. Then we checked hotel booking apps for hotels near the airport, then we found Cherry Blossom Hotel. We checked the place in person plus the price. Place is just fine and the price is affordable next thing to do is to check-in. We got the suite and added 2 extra beds because we’re 5 pax. then ordered dinner and we’re all set.

The Ferriswheel and The Star Flyer @ Star City
Star City Pass
Groupie @ Star City (r-l : Angeline, Mama, Pearl, Brother & Me)

After dinner we decided to go to Star City, just to kill time while enjoying each other’s company. But Star City was open until 11:00 pm only, we got there at 9:00 pm. So no time to waste. My brother’s girlfriend Pearl, my brother, my bff Angeline and I played Lazer Blasters, it’s just the four of us. The other group has 5 players. I know it’s unfair, but the important thing is to have fun. After lacking 1 player, we lost the game! hahaha! Then my mom, my brother and I played pellet gun shooting I don’t know the exact name of the game or what it’s called. We all got a small stuffed toy key chain.

Mall of Asia by The Bay
Ferriswheel at SM Mall of Asia by the Bay

Then we went to SM Mall of Asia, because Star City is already closed. We just walked by the bay.

Angeline and Me

The next day. After we checked out at the hotel we dropped out baggage at my brother’s apartment. And then we had lunch at Dads Saisaki in Glorietta 3. I missed Dads so much! Its been years since the last time I ate there….


Last stop! We went to Venice Grand Canal at Mckinley Hill, Taguig. Just to check it, out of curiosity and of course to take photos 🙂

After that we went back to my brother’s apartment to get our things, then we headed to the airport. That’s our plan B…. I was really hoping to go to Fantasy World in Batangas… And to have a relaxing birthday…. AIRASIA happened…. never again….


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